Expert Sewer Repair and Replacement in Pomona, CA

Do you need to think about sewer repair and replacement in Pomona?

The sewer line is one of the most important parts of your property’s drainage system. Although, if you’re like most, you likely don’t give it much thought. That can come back to bite you!

Any trouble with your sewer line is cause for concern, but not all problems require sewer line replacement. For example, a clogged sewer pipe might just need a good professional cleaning. It’s when you get recurrent clogs, standing water in your basement, outside along the sewer line, or catch a whiff of that awful sewage water smell, that you need to investigate the problem.

Keep reading to learn more about sewer replacement and why you should think about it now!

Is Your Sewer Line Trying to Tell You Something?

Sewer problems rarely appear out of the blue. Most happen after years of wear and tear and misuse and changing soil conditions. They only seem sudden because the pipe is buried underground, out of sight and out of mind.

Fortunately, a damaged sewer pipe gives property owners a heads up. You can get ahead of major sewer damage and pipe replacement if you know the warning signs. Stay alert to any of the following problems and call a sewer contractor to inspect the situation right away:

  • Drains backup often and don’t respond to plunging
  • Slow draining issues
  • Standing water near where the sewer pipe’s buried
  • Drains gurgle
  • Raw sewage odors are present inside or outside

Do you live in an older home? If so, even if you don’t have any of the above problems, you still need to think about your sewer line. The older sewer lines get, especially clay and cast-iron pipes, the more problematic they become.

Should I Get a New Sewer Pipe or Restore the Old One?

Sewer line replacement costs often scare property owners away from installing a new line. If it means saving money, why not restore the line?

We know how important saving money is for our customers, and the traditional method of replacing a sewer line is much pricier than restoring a line using trenchless pipe lining methods. Now, thanks to trenchless technology replacement, it’s more affordable than ever.

You should always base your decision to restore or replace a pipe based on the current condition of the pipe. That’s why you need sewer contractors to perform a video camera inspection to determine the extent of the damage. Some damage is better suited for restoration and vice versa.

Pipe restoration methods like cured-in-place pipe lining must have enough of the existing pipe intact for the sewer contractors to work with. If the pipe has collapsed or is brittle, restoration won’t work.

In cases like these, trenchless sewer line replacement options like the pipe bursting method are an affordable way for property owners to get a brand-new sewer pipe without digging up the yard.

Will the City Pay for Lower Lateral Replacement?

Your property’s sewer pipe has two parts, an upper lateral and lower lateral. The upper lateral is part of your private property, but the lower lateral runs under easements and other public-right-of-way areas like sidewalks and roadways.

If a contractor tells you the lower lateral is bad and needs replacing, it’s natural to wonder if the city will assume or share some repair costs. Unfortunately, cities like Pomona, CA, don’t foot the bill for these jobs. The good news is that trenchless sewer line repair and replacement can make it more affordable to fix these problems.

Who Do I Call for More Information about Sewer Line Repair or Replacement in Pomona, CA?

For questions about sewer pipe repair, call Pomona Quick Plumbing and Rooter. We’re the local experts! Call us to discuss your sewer pipe issues!